Personal Training

Partner Skill training (2 Participants)- price is for each participant

10 sessions-  375.00
5 sessions-175.00
1 session-40.00

Small Group Training (3-4 participants)- price is for each participant

10 sessions-350.00
5 sessions-150.00
1 session-35.00

Team Training (5 or more participants)- price is for each participant

10 sessions- 300.00
5 sessions- 125.00
1 session- 30.00

Elite 24-NEWS- Top AAU program in the region.

Elite 24 Basketball is excited to announce that we have merged with FAST Basketball. We are excited to have the only 17u team in the region playing on a shoe circuit and having teams at the 15u and 16u teams also playing out on the shoe circuit. We will also have another 17u travel team and local teams on the 15u, 16u and 17u levels. We will also have youth teams from 10U to 14U !

TRY-OUT DATES- MARCH 9th and MARCH 10th in Clackamas area in early evening.

Under the new aau rules, it is imperative for your athlete to be with a proven organization like Elite 24 who has the MOST players playing in college and who have played in college over the last 8 years of ANYBODY in the region. for information or call Greg Dundon at 503-806-2510.

Traveling Teams/Skill Development

Elite 24 Teams from 2012-2017 have won several major tournaments including the Big Foot Hoops NATIONAL tournament, our 17 U team were runner-ups in the platinum division of Hal Pastner's Las Vegas Live Spring tournament, the Fab 48 Las Vegas tournament, are 2 time champions of the NIKE/Rose City Showcase, Pump Brothers Spring Classic Champions, Bay Area Classic Champions, Northwest Championships Spring showcase, and went to the finals in 4 other major tournaments in Seattle, Bay Area, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Portland. We have numerous players being recruited on all levels of college basketball including Division 1. Our 16 U team won a major tournament in the Bay Area, while advancing to atleast the quarter-finals in every tournament played in Los Angeles, Las Vegas,Seattle and numerous other locations.

Elite 24 Basketball has a staff of college coaches, former coaches and coaches who work out NBA players. If you want to take your game to the next level, you need to have a coaching staff that is above and beyond all others and we have that. 

Our focus is on skill and player development. You will continue to expand your game. That goes back to the type of coaches that we have working with you. The majority of your time needs to be on increasing your skills set. The great teammates you will have with us, will make you compete daily. We run the program like a college and pro team.

Elite 24 is now the premier place to play travel basketball in the fall and winter and primarily in the Spring/Summer travel season. No other travel organization where you can get coached and supported like you will with Elite 24. That is why major companies, professional and college players recommend us. 

2018- NIKE Team Northwest- Spring/summer season

-NIKE EYB 15 U program and 16u program under the NIKE umbrella.

-Starts March- 2018. Practices held 3 days a week.

-Best Skill development/coaches

-Call 503-806-2510 for more information or email,